EM SCULPTING / ElectroMagnetic sculpting

em sculpting

20,000 reps in 30 minutes

  • Build Muscle

  • Burn Fat

  • 30 Min Treatment

  • Clinically Proven

  • Non invasive

  • No downtime

  • no sweat

  • sculpt abs

  • lift butt

  • strengthen core

em sculpting cairns

EM Sculpting delivers high intensity focused electromagnetic pulse (HIFEM) technology which forces 20,000 involuntary supramaximal muscle contractions in just half an hour! Unachievable with any gym workout you could do. The rapid contractions stimulates a process within the body called Lipolysis. During this process the body releases fatty acids. Dead fat cells break down, metabolize and like all other waste in bodies they are excreted. 

Electro magnetic sculpting Cairns

Am I a good candidate for EM Sculpting?

EM Sculpting is ideal for both men and women who enjoy a healthy lifestyle. However despite our best efforts we can’t always contour our bodies the way we would like through diet and exercise alone. EM Sculpting is the extra push that will strengthen and tone the muscles while breaking down fatty pockets of stubbornness.
This incredible machine is not only designed to reduce fat cells, strengthen the core and build muscle it is also designed to lift the butt! By using a different setting the strong muscle contractions build the gluteal muscles to a round pert shape without destroying the shape enhancing fat in the area.
So whether you are starting out with a new exercise regime and desire a strong core to promote correct form to avoid injury. Or you are training and not receiving the definition you feel you should be. Or your bottom seems determined to head south. Then EM Sculpting is the extra shove your body is begging for.

  • Improve metabolism

  • Increase muscle mass more than 16%

  • Reduce fat cells up to 19%

  • Strengthening abdominal muscles

  • Strengthen, tone, firm and lift buttocks. 

Emsculpting TREATMENTS

4 x 30 minute EM sculpting treatments $450
Single treatment $120

How many EM Sculpting treatments should I get?

It is recommended to receive a course of 4 treatments over a 2 week period for optimal results. With a 30 min treatment time per session.

Down time from EM Sculpting treatment? 

There is no down time and you can continue with your day as usual.

When will I see results?  

This does obviously vary from client to client, depending on how much subcutaneous fat is settled above the muscles. One of the initial affects you may experience is feeling stronger in the treated area. You may feel a little tender as if you had done an intense work out. The results will continue to visibly improve as the muscle fibres build and the fat cell die and leave the body. Results will continue to improve for up 6 months post treatment.


How long will the results last?

Results can be expected to last up to 6 months. Clients are encouraged to exercise regularly and continue with a healthy diet to help maintain the results. Follow up treatments may be beneficial for continuous progression.


Does EM Sculpting hurt?

Throughout your treatment you can expect to experience strong muscle contractions as the machine works its magic. These contractions are not painful however you may feel slight discomfort during initially from pulling at the abdominals or buttocks, however as the treatment progresses your body becomes desensitized to the feeling. Throughout the treatment there is a (knocking phase) which is designed to break up the lactic acid in your body, so we are not sore during or after the procedure.

Are there side effects to EM Sculpting? 

This treatment is completely non-invasive and therefore poses very little risks of side effects. The most common side effect is to feel slight muscle soreness after the treatment, similar to the feeling you would experience after an intense workout.

Who is not a good candidate for EM Sculpting?

Pregnant women are not considered candidates for EM Sculpting. However this treatment is very beneficial for diastasis recti. Helping to tone, strengthen and close the muscles of muscle separation from pregnancy.

It is not recommended to receive EM Sculpting if you have metal implants or an electronic implanted device.
EM Sculpting uses a high frequency electromagnetic field similar to an MRI. However metal such as titanium and electronic magnetic devices that are approved for an MRI are not contraindications and therefore acceptable candidates.


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